Get Out! Simple Ways to Bring the Outdoors In

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If you constantly hear about the benefits of connecting with nature but feel like your current lifestyle doesn’t grant you the time to do so, you’re not alone. Many factors contribute to a loss of quality outdoor time including work, school, diminishing outdoor space, and even the ever-increasing use of electronic media. So, are there any ways to surround yourself with nature for the days you just can’t make it outside? Yes, there are!

  1. Natural Hues – Paint colors have been known to inspire certain moods. If you want a peaceful and calm environment in your bedroom or living room, try an earthy brown or green. If you need some inspiration in your workspace, rooms painted blue have been known to contribute to productivity.
  2. House Plants – Adding some greenery may seem obvious for some, but for others it’s a bit daunting. There’s a houseplant out there for everyone. If you’re not known for your green thumb, you may want to try ferns, aloe, spider plants, or peace lilies. Benefits include improved air quality, stress reduction, and they can help deter illness. If you don’t want to commit to plants at this time, even picking wildflowers to keep around your home from time to time or grabbing an occasional fresh bouquet from the store can help relieve stress.
  3. Natural Light – Sheer curtains and open blinds let the natural light into your home. Letting light in helps reduce anxiety and stress, in addition to being a source of much-needed vitamin D. It also doesn’t hurt when you are able to save both money and energy by turning off the lights.
  4. D.I.Y. Displays – Do you or your kids collect anything from nature like rocks, twigs, sand or shells from the beach, feathers, etc.? Whatever it is, try creating a display with these items. It will get your creative juices flowing and will become a great conversation piece that reminds you of the fun times you’ve had, and it can even inspire you to get back outdoors! For example, use branches or twigs to create an interesting piece of hanging wall art or place sand and shells in glass containers to show off your beach treasures.
  5. Herb Garden – Do you ever notice how meals from a restaurant can sometimes taste so much better than what you might be able to make at home? Sure, it could be because of the extra salt and butter, but many restaurants also use fresh herbs in their dishes. If you regularly use dried herbs while cooking just imagine the same, fresh flavor times ten! Herb gardens can be used year-round, can save you money, and can be used as a form of aromatherapy to enhance your mood.

As a society, most of us don’t get to spend the amount of time outdoors that we’d like to enjoy nature. If you find yourself with a few spare moments, a quick walk around a park or even your own yard can significantly boost your mood. When that’s not in your schedule, hopefully a few of these tips will help.



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