8 Tips When Preparing to Sell Your Home

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While selling your home may not be as exciting as buying your new home, there are some key actions you can focus on to make the whole process run more smoothly to maximize your home’s selling price and minimize the time it takes to sell your home.

Here are 8 tips to think about when you are getting ready to sell your home.

1 – Remove clutter

While the furniture, decor, and other items in your home are there to match your needs and personality, they may not match that of the potential buyer. The goal here is to enable the buyer to envision themselves in your home, with their own items and personality.

Removing extra furniture and decor will also make the rooms look larger with more bright and open spaces.

To prepare for this, you can host a garage or estate sale, or donate items to local charities. Any items that you are not ready to separate with can be stored away where the buyers will not look.

2 – Spruce up your landscaping and exterior

One of the most impactful moments for a buyer is when they first view your home when arriving.  That initial feeling sets the tone for how they view the rest of the showing.

While you can always hire a professional, you don’t need to devote a lot of time or money to make the front of your home look neat, more vibrant, and inviting.

Pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, trimming bushes, and adding new flowers and a few bags of mulch to the flower beds can do the trick.

Also, take a look at the exterior of the house itself.  Could it use a quick pressure washing or wipe down?

3 – Consider fresh interior paint where needed

Similar to removing clutter, your current paint color on some walls may have been part of your personal design and personality.  If you have a colorful accent wall, consider repainting it with a fresh, neutral color.  This can change the whole feel of your home and enable the buyer to visualize themselves in your home.

Also, if you have any room with outdated or stained paint, a new, fresh coat can brighten things up. Always consider using contemporary, neutral colors that are viewed positively by most people.

4 – Consider a professional cleaning

Anything that is perceived as “dirty” by a potential buyer will turn them away quickly.

While replacing old carpets may not be an expense you want to budget for, having your carpets professionally clean can make the rooms look better and smell better.

The same goes for your kitchen and bathrooms. Buyers will pay close attention to these areas more than you think.  Removing gunk, grime, and stains from nooks and crevices will definitely pay off.

5 – Improve the lighting

Where possible, letting in more natural sunlight by leaving drapes pulled can highlight dens, living rooms, and primary bedrooms.  For darker rooms, installing brighter bulbs can create a more impactful setting. 

These inexpensive changes can make a big difference during showings.

6 – Get organized

During showings, prospective buyers are going to open every drawer, every cabinet, and every closet. To send the right visual signals, make sure these spaces are neatly organized.

This doesn’t mean going to the extremes just make sure that everything is straight and in its place with unnecessary items removed.

7 – Take your pets somewhere during showings

Having pets and pet items around during showings can unnecessarily turn people away. While your pet may be clean and wonderful, people will naturally associate pets with potential stains and odors.

On the days that your home is being shown, store away the pet’s items and take them somewhere safe and comfortable like with family or friends.

8 – Work with an experienced real estate agent to gain peace of mind

An experienced real estate agent will guide you through these tips and more to prepare your home for a successful sale at the best possible price.

Your agent will also put together a strategic marketing plan to get your home seen by matching potential buyers.

The agents at EXIT Real Estate Consultants are at your side through their entire process.



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