Trendy or True for You?

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If you read decor magazines or watch any of the home network channels you may find it difficult to keep up with the ever-changing design trends. Are granite countertops still in? Maybe you look around your house and feel like it’s too cluttered for the minimalist movement and become overwhelmed. No matter what the “trend” is though, it shouldn’t really matter if it doesn’t appeal to you. Why spend money and energy on keeping up with something you don’t love in the first place, especially if it’s a fad that will be gone within a season or two.

1. Nailing It Down

The first step is understanding what you want or need to accomplish. Are you looking to freshen up your space, completely infuse your home with your specific style or just looking to address function to better suit your lifestyle? You can take this quick quiz to help you better understand your design personality. Whether it’s a spur of the moment decision, or something you’ve wanted to do for some time, it usually begins with…

2. Finding Your Inspiration

Perhaps it’s a stunning antique piece you found, a hobby you enjoy, a travel destination, or a set of black and cream checkered curtains that makes you want to turn your suburban colonial home into something closer to a farmhouse. If that’s what captivates you at this moment, there’s nothing wrong with that. Your home should be a reflection of you, so do whatever milks your cow. Think about what speaks to you. Look for other antique pieces or ways to distress the finish on items you already have. If you’re an artist, use your home as a studio space or curate it with the works of others that inspire you. Maybe you fell in love with palm trees and turquoise waters on your last getaway so including a tropical aesthetic in your decor would evoke happy memories.Surround yourself with things you enjoy, and you’ll have a space filled with stories behind each conversation piece.

3. The Hacks of Life

When your home’s current design is attractive but not quite user friendly, it may be a sign to change things up. Look at what your main issues are so you can find creative ways to address them. Perhaps you have a spare room that can convert into a home gym, music studio or game room. Maybe you work from home so usable space needs to perform double duty, or you’re a busy family dealing with the clutter that comes with everyday life. These fixes are called “hacks” and you can research them for every area or piece of furniture in your home, for example, adding unique storage solutions to your cluttered foyer or closets, making room for your shoe collection in your stairs, creating a quaint reading nook in the space under your stairs, or turning that old crib into a kids’ craft table.

Just remember that re-decorating is much cheaper than renovating. There are a multitude of easy, and inexpensive ways you can breathe new life into your home and love it again. Whether you choose to renovate or redecorate, if you want your home to feel timeless, stick with the things that inspire you and it will never go out of style.



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