Easy Updates to Help Sell Your Home

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You’re planning to list your home for sale and want it to look its best before you do. You’ve looked through some decor magazines and have been following the latest trends online, but you don’t have much spare time and don’t want to dig too deep into your pockets to find the cash to redecorate. Here are a few easy updates to help sell your home that won’t take too much of your time or money.

Kitchens are a key selling point of most homes. It’s the room where people gather and life is lived. Make it a place where potential buyers can envision creating their own memories.

  • Update – Depending on your budget you can opt for updating something as minimal as the cabinet door hardware or go for something bigger like upgrading the appliances. One important thing, if you can, is to make sure your kitchen appliances match!
  • Paint – You’d be amazed at what painting kitchen cabinetry can do for the whole room. Tackle this job yourself if you have the time and skill or have them professionally sprayed. If you prefer to save time, consider painting just your island.
  • Reduce – Decluttering doesn’t cost anything and can make a huge impact. If you rarely use your blender or toaster oven, put it in a closet. If you can’t do without your coffee maker, you can always stow it in a kitchen cabinet and take it out as needed. By leaving the countertops clear, you make the space look bigger and allow buyers to imagine their kitchen items in your home.

Bathrooms are typically next on the list of rooms that help sell a home. Obviously, every room should be cleaned prior to listing and kept clean and tidy during showings, but let’s make this room glisten.

  • Color – If you have colorful bathroom walls, tone them down with a neutral shower curtain and window coverings. If you have neutral walls, brighten up your space with a new, colorful shower curtain and rug.
  • Linen – Fresh, matching towels don’t have to be expensive and can really dress up the space.
  • Fixtures – Modernize your bathroom with a new mirror, new lighting, faucet, or even something as simple as new hooks to hang your towel.

Another important room is the living room. It’s where people gather to watch the football game or enjoy family game night. You’ll want this room to lead buyers to imagine the possibilities.

  • Declutter – If your living room also doubles as a playroom or homework area, make sure you remove items that don’t give the space a defined purpose. Put away toys, magazines, books, and even family photographs to allow people to see themselves in this space.
  • Deep Clean – This room gets a lot of use by family and pets, but buyers don’t want to be privy to that. Flooring should be swept, vacuumed, and/or steam cleaned. If your walls have more wear than you’d like, you can give them a fresh coat of paint if you have the time or you can scrub them and touch up the paint.
  • Brighten Up – Make sure your room is well lit, whether you use lamps, lighting fixtures, or simply open the drapes. Also brighten the room with a few pops of color; rugs, accent pillows, or decorative throws can do the trick.

Most of these updates are easy and allow your space to appeal to a variety of potential buyers. Remember, a fresh coat of paint, a thorough cleaning, and rigorous decluttering will go a long way towards showing your home at its best.



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