Do You Know the Difference Between Mortgage Lenders and Brokers?

In Louisiana, as anywhere around the US, the real estate business is a lot more complicated than most people know. Take lending, for example. Not every homebuyer goes right to their regular bank to get a mortgage. In fact, the vast majority of buyers do not. Many utilize mortgage brokers. That presents a question: do […]

Vintage Farmhouse: What It Is and How to Pull It Off

You have been looking to buy a home in the DeRidder area. The whole time you’ve been scheduling viewings with your real estate agent, your friends have been talking about vintage farmhouses. You have no clue what they are referring to. Well, we have you covered. We are going to explain what a vintage farmhouse […]

A Buyer’s Perspective: Why Is That Home for Sale in LA?

Every home for sale in LA  has a story behind it. Likewise, every homeowner has specific reasons for selling. Guess what? If a buyer can find out why a homeowner has chosen to sell, the information could prove helpful to writing the best possible offer for both parties. This is not to say that finding […]

It’s Hard to Beat the Lure of All-Cash Real Estate Transactions

An explosion in the real estate market in LA over the last couple of years has had significant impacts on a lot of buyers. In some of the hottest markets, competition has been so fierce that buyers have resorted to making all-cash offers. That kind of offer is hard to beat if you have no […]

Things to Think About Before Buying Land to Build On

Buying an existing house is a unique experience. Buying a piece of land on which to build is also unique, but in different ways. When you’re building, you are embarking on a much bigger project. There is a lot more to think about. That’s what this post endeavors to tackle. We welcome the opportunity to […]

How to Prioritize Remodeling Projects After You Buy

Six months ago, all you wanted to do was buy a home. Endless listings and plenty of viewings later, you have finally signed on the dotted line. You have the keys in hand. What next? If you are like most people, you probably have a list of remodeling projects running through your mind. Remodeling comes […]