Security System to Your New Home

Adding a Security System to Your New Home – How to Choose?

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Home security has become increasingly more popular with the introduction of digital and wireless technologies. Homeowners are even combining security with home automation to give them the entire package all at once. What about you? Are you thinking about adding a security system to the new home you just bought?

It has been suggested by some real estate agents that people are more likely to buy a home in Louisiana  with a security system already installed. We don’t know that the data backs such claims. But we can say this: there are reasons to install a home security system other than increasing your property’s resale potential.

That notwithstanding, how do you choose? How do you determine the best home security option for you and your family?

1. Wired and Wireless Options

The first decision you will have to make is the choice between wired and wireless home security. Wireless is by far the more popular choice right now. However, some people still prefer wired systems. A wired system is connected to the home’s existing electrical system and connected to a remote monitoring center via telephone line.

A wireless system is so named because it doesn’t require tapping into the electrical system. Devices run on battery or are plugged into standard wall outlets. Each one is connected to a wireless hub via the home’s wi-fi network. Connection to the remote monitoring center is accomplished using the homeowner’s internet service.

2. Fast, Easy Installation

The main draw of wireless home security is fast and easy installation. You can install a system in your new home without having to cut into your walls or access the electrical panel. If you know how to set up wireless devices, your system can be up and running in a matter of hours.

3. Monitored and Unmonitored Systems

The next choice you need to make is whether to have the system monitored by a service provider. Your big-name companies like ADT and Vivint handle their own monitoring. Smaller outfits may contract monitoring to another company.

You may choose to self-monitor. This involves setting up your system to send you text or email alerts whenever an alarm is triggered. Receiving an alert would mean pulling out your cell phone and checking the system. If you have reason to believe a genuine emergency exists, you would then call the authorities.

Professional monitoring handles all that for you. They monitor the system 24/7 regardless of whether you are home or not. Of course, professional monitoring comes with a monthly fee.

4. Professional or DIY Installation

Next up is the choice between professional and DIY installation. Each has its pros and cons. Professional installation lets somebody else do the work for you while a DIY job saves you money. There really is no right or wrong here.

5. Your Future Plans

One last thing few people consider when adding home security systems is future plans. When the time comes for you to sell your home, do you think you will want to take your security system with you? If so, wireless is the way to go. If not, you’ll want to create some sort of reminder to contact the service provider before you move. Otherwise, the new owners may not be able to use the system because it is forever stuck in your name.

Adding a security system can make your new home safer. Just know that there are options. Do your homework before you make any kind of decision. The more you know about home security, the better off you will be.



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